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Primary Arms Optics Score Gold With National Tactical Officers Association

6 Primary Arms Optics were Submitted for Review by NTOA

All 6 Optics Passed Rigorous Testing in the Field by NTOA’s Tactical Officers

2 Received Gold Rating (Highest Possible)

3 Received Silver Rating (Second Highest)

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Following rigorous field testing, the National Tactical Officers Association has awarded Primary Arms with multiple Gold-tier ratings, representing the highest scores possible.

“The success of Primary Arms Optics achieving NTOA’s high ratings was the result of a team’s collaboration. Years of research, developing, testing, and quality control has been paid off. Primary Arms would like to thank the NTOA for the recognition and recommendation as well as our loyal customers for years of following and support,” said Joyce Banda, Primary Arms Optic’s Managing Director. “This accomplishment comes as Primary Arms continues to expand its Law Enforcement offerings. With support for T&E, product demo days, and trade-ups, Primary Arms is eager to get these high-performance optics into the hands of officers for further field use.”

The NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended Program (MTRP) is a leading source for Law Enforcement groups in evaluating the practical use of products for tactical application. Started in 2003, the MTRP evaluates products across at least 6 of 13 different major criteria: design, performance, ease of use, size, quality, durability, storage, versatility, convenience, LE applicability, comfort, ease of maintenance, and accuracy. Products submitted to the MTRP are specially tested in the field by NTOA members, proving their performance with real world use. To pass, products must at least average a 3 out of 5 across all criteria. If a product passes with a 4-4.49 average, it earns a Silver logo, while 4.5-5 average ratings are distinguished with a Gold logo.

Primary Arms Optics submitted 6 different optics and all 6 passed the NTOA’s exacting standards. Two of the optics achieved the highest possible rating, distinguishing them with a coveted Gold logo. These optics include the Platinum Series™ 1-8×24 FFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated ACSS Griffin™ MOA (MPN: 610086) and the Silver Series 1-6×24 FFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated ACSS Raptor (MPN: 610005). In addition, three optics were awarded a Silver logo for exceptional performance. These optics include Silver Series™ 1-6x24mm SFP Rifle Scope Gen III with Illuminated ACSS® (MPN: 610017), the Silver Series Advanced Push Button Microdot Red Dot (MPN: 810001), and the Silver Series Compact 1×20 Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops™ (MPN: 710001).

For more information on Primary Arms, visit the company website at www.primaryarms.com.


6 Responses to “Primary Arms Optics Score Gold With National Tactical Officers Association”

  1. Mick says:

    In market for rifle red dot, and these seem to be pretty reasonabley priced, and this seems to be a pretty good endorsement; thoughts? Any experience or recommendations out there?

    • Gary says:

      A buddy of mine took his 1-6×24 SFP to Afghanistan and he said it was wonderful on his m4. It held up great and just has scratched on the body, glass still very clear and adjustments are smooth.

  2. Mick says:

    In market for rifle red dot, and these seem to be pretty reasonabley priced, and this seems to be a pretty good endorsement; thoughts? Any experience or recommendations out there?

    • Chris B says:

      If memory serves me, the only reviews on these that I remember were done by Garand Thumb. I believe he was pretty positive about them. Hopefully some one reading here has some good info to pass on.

      As for the NTOA’s recommendation, these are the guys that recommended the “Ryker Grip” (as seen on SDD in April last year).

    • Brian says:

      I have 3 of their optics. I have the 4-14×44 on my SR25. I have the 30mm advanced red dot with 12,000 hour battery life on my m4. I have the micro dot on my mk18. I’ve had aimpoint and eotech and trijicon before so I’m kind of a optics snob but primary arms is now the only glass I even consider anymore. You get a whole lot for your money. I swear the quality is on par with aimpoint and it’s better than vortex. It’s beats vortex ass in battery life and price. Other than that they are very similar. Tibouasaurusrex has some good reviews on them so does Mr guns and gear and kotaboy32 too.