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WTF Turnkey 19 for 762 Mags

WTF’s Turnkey 19 holds three 762, 308, PMAG, LR 25, SCAR H, FAL, HK91, G3, and similar magazines.  The rig is backed with hook to accept WTF’s Omni Bag and similar.

Turnkey 19 is made with laser cut ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) laminate fabric.  WTF’s ACRONYM is made using solution dyed fabrics and genuine Crye Multicam fabrics.  5″ wide MIL-W-5664 elastic securely holds magazines.  Solution dyed webbing made with Invista Cordura yarn and ITW hardware are used throughout.

The Turnkey 19 is made in the USA from USA made materials.  Turnkey 19 is a bundle (a $10 savings) of WTF’s Accessory Panel 19, Waist Strap 01, and Harness 02 ***Bag 07 not included***

11.1oz / 314g.

6 Responses to “WTF Turnkey 19 for 762 Mags”

  1. cat_blaster says:

    I feel like just looking at this thing I wouldn’t want to run around with that thing fwapping me in the junk but just arm-chairing over here.

    • Lasse says:

      unless you wear your chestrig as low as a belt, it’s probably not touching your junk.

      • cat_blaster says:

        look at the picture? where will that ride?

        • Lasse says:

          It’s a product photo placed on a bust… If you’ve never worn a chestrig then I can understand that you’re worried, but don’t be, fanny packs and “danglers” are common within armed forces all over the world.

    • aye says:

      @cat_blaster, your beer belly will angle it up a little bit bubba. 😀

      • cat_blaster says:

        based on rough measurements I have about 1,228 beers to go to prevent nad impingement syndrome, working hard to prevent.