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Rapid Response Vest

Introducing the Rapid Response Vest (RRV), a high visibility, compact, and easily concealable identifier system for the first responder market. The RRV is a new take on first responder identification for highly dynamic situations and provides departments a color coded and layered response system that can be quickly deployed individually or as part of a unit. The RRV is lightweight vest built from ANSI rated mesh and reflective tape that allows clear 50’ identification of the wearer to the public and other Law Enforcement officials in both day and low light environments. The RRV can be quickly and easily donned over Undercover (UC) clothing, uniforms, jackets, and tactical vests. Unlike other sash or vest style identification systems the RRV allows the wearer access to both chest and belt mounted equipment thus not limiting their effectiveness to deal with any active threats that may be in the area. The RRV is currently available in a number of configurations for department or individual purchases. Please contact B4DI for more information or if a customized solution is needed.



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  1. DC says:

    Hey SSD, do you have any other pictures of this system? That you could post? Thanks

  2. Side note, let me know if you guys need help with that logo…

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      Dude, did you just lay claim to the combination of a helmet atop crosses swords? Because if that’s not prior art, I don’t know what it. In addition, if it wasn’t for 300, no one would’ve jumped on the band wagon. Well… most