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Vudoo Gun Works Adds .17 HM2 to V22 Series of Rifles

September 5th, 2019 –St George, UT – Vudoo Gun Works, leader in rimfire precision rifles, is proud to announce the addition of .17 HM2 to the V22 Family.

The dimensional similarities of traditional 22lr, which the V22 action has been designed around, made the .17HM2 a natural performer in our rifles. The addition of the .17 HM2 gives our customers access to a wide range of high velocity projectiles to better suit a variety of sporting applications.  

The .17HM2 was developed by Hornady in 2004 to give varmint hunters a high velocity rimfire cartridge that fits in standard rimfire length actions. With a selection of V-MAX® or NTX® bullets, the .17HM2 is capable of taking prairie dogs, coyote, and fox size game at ranges of up to 200 yards.

Customers looking to purchase a Vudoo Gun Works rifle chambered in .17HM2, will enjoy using existing .22lr Vudoo magazines and the familiar feel and precision of the V22 action.  

V22 and .17 HM2 Features:

– Short action Remington 700 footprint
– Magazines fit standard AICS compatible bottom metal
– Large selection of aftermarket triggers
– Large selection of aftermarket stocks
– V-MAX and NTX bullet options


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  1. Amer-RIcan says:

    .17hmr, .17hm2, whatever it takes.