US Army Seeks IDEAs for Next Generation Squad Weapons

The US Army is all-in on upgrading its Small Arms for Close Combat Forces to a Next Generation Squad Weapons configuration.

Not only have the proceeded to Phase II of their search for a new Automatic Rifle and Carbine chambered in 6.8mm by downselecting weapons from General Dynamics OTS, SIG SAUER and AAI Textron Systems, but they’ve just put out a call to industry asking for their NGSW IDEAs.

Through the Innovative Designs & Engineering Assessment (IDEA) Program, Project Manager Soldier Weapons, is seeking information on new, innovative, enabling technologies that can be applied to NGSW weapons, fire control, and/or ammunition. These technologies will be used for experimentation, technical evaluation, and/or assessment of operational utility focused on enhancing system performance, sustainment, and/or training. This information will advise/inform future NGSW requirements and may compliment or be integrated into existing programs such as the NGSW weapons, ammunition, and fire control.

With so many parallel efforts going on at once, it’s obvious they want these weapons to be ready as quickly as possible.

Vendors who want to participate have until the end of the year to submit, but my advice is to send a submission in as soon as possible, for proper consideration.

11 Responses to “US Army Seeks IDEAs for Next Generation Squad Weapons”

  1. Ha says:

    I remember when basically the same post was written about the 7.62 solicitation. I won’t hold my breath.

  2. ArmorGuy says:

    I’m sorry….but these weapons, especially the carbine just look weird. Has anyone fired it? It looks so heavy.

  3. H Kent says:

    Textron weapons have been in HK hands for some time now. Carbine looks that way because it pushes rounds out forward extractor or ejector, same as the machine gun. Besides, Textron engineer Paul Shipley IS smarter than the internet and HK engineered weapons have a reputation for working.

    • Joglee says:

      Hope you don’t need to manually activate any laser/light/whatever attached to the rail….cause you won’t be able to reach it.

      • LCON says:

        The issue is if you want a Under barrel Grenade launcher or Shotgun. Lights and lasers are fine they can mount on top or the side.

  4. H Kent says:

    Without extractor or ejector, that is…

  5. Robert Joseph LoRusso says:

    The 6mm x.223 has greater range than the .223 , (better balistic coefficient), it has more killing capacity, as 6mm is legal on deer in most states, while the .223 is not.. The .223 is overbore , the 6x.223(6×45) using the same case develops more energy in shorter barrels and the chamber area is less likely to overheat, a problem in .223… It uses the same bolt and the same mags… the mags being perfect, without some specialty mags being a liittle better like some other rounds using the .223 case.. All that is needed is a barrel change.. brass is easily made or necked up from .223. … so if adopted it would be cheap.. There is a wealth of .223 ar s lightweight and quality components .. all sorts of bolts , springs ect.. Its a low cost change.. A 6×45 will send a 85 gr at 2842fps 1525 energy .. 100 gr 2619/1523 ..
    90gr 2744/1505.. According to the app Reloading Assistant..