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UF PRO Sets 8 October to Launch Next-Gen Hunter FZ Softshell Tactical Jacket—Offers More Ruggedness, Functionality

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (24 Sept. 2019)—UF PRO said today it will begin selling on 1 October its new Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Softshell Jacket, an upgraded version of the company’s durable and versatile soft-shell mid-layer/outerwear for military or law-enforcement field operations in less-than-ideal weather.

UF PRO said this next generation Hunter FZ Tactical Jacket carries forward the features that made its predecessor. Those original features included construction with breathable yet windproof and water-repellent materials plus a smart pocket configuration and use of design techniques that allow the garment to fit the contours of the wearer’s body without restricting freedom of movement.

Among the key improvements to the soon-arriving Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket:

• Superior abrasion resistance, thanks to the addition of nylon mesh side-panels starting at the armpits and extending down to the waist;

• Elasticized cuffs;

• Strap-operated upper-arm pocket with velcro cover and a pen pocket

Retailing at €139, the Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket is going to be available in Black, Brown Grey, Navy Blue, and Steel Grey, according to Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

“We’re confident military and police professionals are going to love the enhancements to this must-have item of soft-shell tactical gear,” Wagner said. “And because the Hunter FZ Gen.2 is an anatomically fitted garment, it can be worn as a mid-layer underneath one or more extra layers, such as a hard-shell product like our Monsoon Tactical Rain Jacket

“The Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket is the ideal clothing-system add-on.” According to Wagner, the UF PRO Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket’s water-repellency makes it supremely well-suited for use in fog, mist, drizzle, and light-to-moderate rain, while its ability to completely block wind means even strong gusts on chilly days won’t cause shivers or set teeth chattering.

Its lining is 100-percent polyester fiber. This, Wagner explained, provides thermal properties that keep the wearer warm at temperatures down to 5° C and comfortable when the mercury rises to as high as 25° C.

“As with our other garments in the Hunter FZ range, we employ lightweight COCONA® Inc. 37.5™ microfleece for the lining material—and we do so because of its outstanding performance profile,” he added. “Among the things 37.5™ microfleece is exceptional at doing is drying quickly if it becomes wet from sweat. In fact, it dries so rapidly that you probably won’t even be aware that you were sweating in the first place.”

The lightness of the liner contributes to keeping the overall weight of the jacket at just over one-half kilogram and to helping ensure that the garment easily folds away or rolls up for stowage in a rucksack or duffle, Wagner offered. 

For more information and to sign up to get updated on the release of the UF PRO Hunter FZ Gen.2 Tactical Jacket visit UF PRO website here.

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