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Brownells 4X Retro Optic Now In-Stock and Shipping

GRINNELL, Iowa (October 8, 2019) – The Brownells Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic – designed with fans of the Brownells Retro Rifles in mind – is now in-stock and shipping to customers.

Announced during the 2019 SHOT Show, the Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic closely replicates the look and performance of the original Colt scope made for early models of AR-15-style rifles and carbines.

Manufactured with high-quality Japanese glass to the original factory specifications, it comes with the correct mounting clamp, and as an added touch, the correct inspection sticker on its underside.

Listed as #080-001-373 and retailing for $299.99 at, the Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic fits Brownells Retro Rifles chambered in 5.56 with a mounting hole in the carry handle.

It will not fit on .308 Retro Rifles such as the BRN-10A or BRN-10B, or the 5.56 Brownells Proto rifle, none of which have the required mounting hole in the carry handle.

The Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic quickly and easily attaches to the AR-style carry handle as found on the BRN-16A1, XBRN-177, BRN-601 and similar rifles.

Calibrated for the trajectory of modern 5.56 ammunition, it has elevation adjustments marked in 100-yard increments out to 500 yards.

To see the Brownells Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic, visit

11 Responses to “Brownells 4X Retro Optic Now In-Stock and Shipping”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Well aint that a kick in the shorts. I was middle aged when this was state of the art and not even an issue item. Guess that makes me ol.. err retro too

  2. Bill says:

    $300! I guess my Colt scope is going up for $1000

    • Alpha2 says:

      I did not get the price either given the OG Colts can usually be had for similar price. I have one of the 4 power’s on an old Colt HBAR, pretty fun to shoot even though the rifle is fairly heavy.

      • LGonSS says:

        Cost per item for them may be high and relaying that cost to consumers because they know there’s a “limited” market for it and the heavy portion of the retro AR trend will bottom out or settle sooner than later, IMO.

        • R.Brian Jefferies says:

          Barska 1/3 Cost.Granted its not the original .Then again neither is the Brownells model. Don’t get me wrong I love Brownells selection and customer service is second to none in my experiece.

  3. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    I forgot that I ordered one of these which was due in June but showed up last week. It is heavier then the original, the glass is way clearer and adjustments more positive.

  4. Uncle Phred says:

    For what it’s worth…

    In the mid-1980s, I found one of the original Colt scopes tucked away in the SWAT team’s gun vault. I mounted it on an M-16 and zeroed it for 100 yards. It turned out to be a useful and reliable piece of gear- especially for urban distances. Later, I bought one for my CAR-15.

    Now, with better glass and modern manufacturing techniques, I would think this reproduction should serve folks well at their favorite range…

  5. Zissman says:

    Wonder if these are made by Hako like the originals?

    I have a Hako illuminated reticle that i bought for one of my AR’s. It’s exactly the same just new. It was sub $100 on eBay and brand new.

    • Mark Volk says:

      Yep, they are. Hakko is now JOL (Japan Optics LTD) and these are made by JOL.

      I got mine earlier in the week and I’m very pleased. Glass is excellent.

      Apparently the price was fine, they’re sold out for now.

    • XC says:

      Hakko went out of business in 2005

  6. Former PMC says:

    People really on here complaining about a $300 dollar price point.