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AUSA 19 – SAIC Showcases Polaris DAGOR for Infantry Squad Vehicle Requirement

Of the many Army initiatives to improve the capability of its Close Combat Forces, the Infantry Squad Vehicle program offers mobility to the light infantry squad. It carries nine Soldiers and the roll over protection system protects those seated in the bed from injury, but can be rotated forward for internal transport in a CH-47. It can also be sling under a UH-60 or airdropped.

The SAIC-Polaris team has delivered a baseline vehicle sample to soldiers in the 82nd Airborne Division for soldier assessment. The DAGOR vehicle can carry up to nine soldiers with their equipment and supplies. It provides the speed, mobility and communications support Army small units require to obtain and maintain situational awareness of the battlefield.

2 Responses to “AUSA 19 – SAIC Showcases Polaris DAGOR for Infantry Squad Vehicle Requirement”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    I want one. Lot of good ideas on this.

  2. some other joe says:

    Didn’t GD’s reconfigured GMV already get the type standardization for AGMV?