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FirstSpear Friday Focus – 9oz Stratton Flannel

FirstSpear’s all new winter weight Stratton Flannels have arrived early in three new great looking colors. 100% American made in the same cut as the 4oz we saw last month in a much heavier 9oz weight. Premium construction with oversized breast pockets, exterior hang loop, and two button closure on forearm and cuff. Machine washable and oversized to accommodate 3% shrinkage after a few cycles in the wash. The Stratton Flannel is an oversized design, step down one size from your normal t-shirt size for a standard fit.

Made in America – Now Shipping

8 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – 9oz Stratton Flannel”

  1. EODFish says:

    This might be the most competitively priced MSRP FS has ever offered. Looks great too.

    • PTM says:

      $75 for a flannel shirt?

      • SSD says:

        Made in USA and not China.

        • PTM says:

          With just a bit of google-fu you can find a made in the USA flannel shirt for a hell of a lot less than First Spear’s.

          Apparently we are to be impressed by the name “First Spear” and just hand over our money.

          They are a local business, for me, but their prices are insane. I hope they have government contracts so they suck off the teat of Uncle Sugar.

          • Luke says:

            hhhmmm…when I google I mostly find imported shirts for more money. Unless you think American sewers should work for $2/hour like other countries I don’t know why you think this shirt should be cheaper.

      • EODFish says:

        Sub $70 for a US made flannel is well inline with the majority of the competitors. I’m pretty sure without a deal you aren’t pulling the same from Patagonia or OR and those aren’t even made in the US.

      • Maskirovka says:

        A similar Woolrich 100% cotton flannel shirt (imported, no less) is $95 MSRP. Just saying. Maybe you stick with Walmart or Burlington.

  2. Cole says:

    These shirts are awesome, I picked up a couple last year and they’ve held up great. Also glad to see some new colors, I’ll be picking those up shortly. As far the price, I really do think you’d be hard pressed to find another American made flannel as good as these at a similar price. And if you do, please point me at it as I’m always looking for new work shirts for this time of year.