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80 Percent Arms Introduces GST-9 Ghost: First Truly Modular 80% Pistol Frame System

Garden Grove, CA., (November 15, 2019) – 80 PERCENT ARMS, Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer of 80% firearms, is proud of our history in challenging the status quo by releasing new products that have revolutionized the 80% lower industry. Today, we are continuing the tradition with the release of our new GST-9 Ghost: the world’s first truly modular 80% pistol frame system compatible with Glock® 19 platform components, as well as our patent-pending modular grips allow for easy conversion between compact and full size. We started by taking a close look at the famously reliable Glock® platform, diligently researched what was missing on the market today, then used our years of expertise manufacturing 80% firearms to develop the most shootable 80% pistol system from the ground up.

Based on extensive research and focus group testing, we also improved ergonomics by designing a contoured grip that improves comfort and helps tame recoil. The undercut trigger guard gives you a higher grip on the frame, thus lowering the bore-axis and reducing muzzle flip for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

The GST-9 Ghost features several improvements over the time-tested Glock® platform, starting with the mating surface between the slide and frame. Frame rails have been extended three times their normal length for more repeatability, better accuracy, and controlled recoil impulse. Nickel plating improves reliability by reducing friction between moving parts in the harshest conditions, even after liquid lubricants have long since cooked off. 

The GST-9 is centered around one thing: you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to your mission. That’s why we designed the GST-9 to allow every shooter to build a frame that is tailor-made for them. Whether it’s a compact or full-size grip, a streamlined magwell for carry or a flared magwell for competition, we give you options. Build the frame you want for your mission with the 80 Percent Arms GST-9 Ghost. 

10 Responses to “80 Percent Arms Introduces GST-9 Ghost: First Truly Modular 80% Pistol Frame System”

  1. Island says:

    Well I jumped on the preorder. With the new two part grip I can already see some 3D printed accessories in the future.

  2. Nick says:

    So, this is interesting and novel enough in its design to grab my attention, but I have two major questions: Will the frame dimensions fit in standardized Glock holsters, and what generation Glock parts will be compatible with the frame?

    This looks like it has the potential to be successful on the commercial market, and it’s clear to me that a lot of thought and development went into this product. I wish them luck!

    • Alan says:

      Hello Nick – She in a nutshell features below:

      Modular frame gives you a 19, 19X, 19L, and 17 weapon system in a single 4-in-1 platform.

      Compatible with Glock 3rd generation parts, existing holsters, and aftermarket accessories.

      Ergonomic features include a single undercut, high beavertail, glove bevel, scalloped mag release, no finger grooves, and gas pedals as standard.

      Premium internal rail components extended 3X, made of stainless steel, and nickel plated.

      Alan – 80% Arms

      • Amer-Rican says:

        So it’s not compatible with gen 4 or gen 5?

      • Nick says:


        This is really exciting to hear; I had figured that this would be Gen 3 compatible, but knowing that the frame will fit into existing holsters is a nice touch.

        When you say that the frame is modular, I’m curious about how the different slides integrate with the frame, as it seems that the frame is sized for a 19 sized slide (in order to make a 19 or a 19X profile.

        What parts would you need to convert this to a 19L or a 17? I am assuming that the only modularity on the frame is by way of adjusting the grip length, and not the corresponding frame “length” to accommodate a 17 or a 34-length slide

        Thanks for your transparency and openness to answer questions on this product. Again, it’s clear that you all have put a lot of thought into the design.

  3. David Ye says:

    I wonder what’s the holster fitment going to be like. Definitely interested, but not enough to buy yet another set of holsters…

    • mike says:

      above Alan states “Compatible with Glock 3rd generation parts, existing holsters, and aftermarket accessories.” so it sounds like you wouldn’t have to get new holsters if you have Glock holsters.

  4. Richard Knowzz says:

    Smoking deal! Just put in my pre-order

  5. Roger Hunt says:

    Can I use a polymer80 jig on the GST-9 and also, does the GST-9 come with frame rails?