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Milipol 19 – Schuberth Laser Protection

Law Enforcement officers are increasingly coming under attack from lasers, inflicting injuries that many don’t even know they have. Schuberth has developed a laser protective lense cassette that goes ontop of the existing P100N riotcontrol helmet without compromising protection against threats like blunt trauma, penetration, chemicals and fire.

Response time is key with laser threats. Regular laser protection glasses have to be retrieved from a pouch first. The SCHUBERTH solution is ready to be deployed even with gloves hands and will cause no pressure points on the temples.

With lasers being used mostly in the night it is equally important to get the protection out of the way when the threat is gone.

Unlike laser protective glasses it can be used with a respirator and with the helmet’s visor closed or open.

4 Responses to “Milipol 19 – Schuberth Laser Protection”

  1. Michael says:

    Always tended to overlook the tiniest weapons like lasers until stuff like the HK protests start bringing them into the vogue.

  2. XC says:

    Is that a clear lens for laser eye protection?