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VZ Grips – Punch Dagger

This is the new Punch Dagger from VZ Grips.

It’s machined from a solid piece of their proprietary G10 which is non-electrically conductive and doesn’t throw a metal signature liie carbon fiber, making it invisible to Garret wands and other metal detectors. Likewise, the sheath is full leather with no metal. Additionally, the Kino feature handle incorporates their new argyle checkering to keep it securely in your hand.


2 Responses to “VZ Grips – Punch Dagger”

  1. Sommerbiwak says:

    Making airplane hijacking great again!

    • Haha, one of my first thoughts when I see gear of this sort, though is usually after thinking that this type of gear is an even better defense.

      I have a few G-10 blades that can be carried in non-permissive environments made by Greg Moffatt in Idaho and they are awesome. Don’t think I’ll be taking them on a plane though, thanks in large part to the full body scanners employed at major airports.