Helikon-Tex, One of the biggest Manufacturers of Tactical Equipment in Europe is Introducing Its Brand Ambassadors

Helikon-tex was founded on a passion for nature and outdoor activities. Over 35 years of experience gave the company a solid ground to become one of the industry leaders in delivering modern clothes and gear for all types of adrenaline junkies. Today, this company from Poland is introducing its brand ambassadors. 

Helikon-tex has asked eight experts from the shooting, sports, military and bushcraft and survival to join their Ambassador program. In the first step of the campaign, two of them were revealed. Naval, polish elite special forces unit GROM operator and Dave Canterbury, one of the best and well-know experts in survival and bushcraft in the world. 

Who are the other Helikon-Tex ambassadors? They are professionals in their fields that have many years of experience and are a huge source of inspiration for the enthusiasts of outdoor and shooting sports. They constantly develop their skill sets. Every one of them will gladly assist you in any matters if you meet them in person and during any type of training. 

From the beginning of November, every two weeks, Helikon-tex will present another pair of their Ambassadors on an especially design page –

For the needs of the campaign, there was a movie produced and a special photoshoot. In those movies, participants of the Ambassador Program will tell you about their #journeytoperfection. Both the photos and the movies were made at spectacular locations in the USA, Sweden, and Poland. 

Helikon-tex products include a line of modern uniforms, accessories for any type of shooting activity, backpacks, outdoor equipment and a line of urban tactical clothes. The Polish-based company currently has a global reach. It does that by a well establishes a network of distributors in 70 countries in the world and two of their online store, the EU store and the newly open US store This is one of the reasons why next to the Polish Ambassadors they are also people from other countries like David Canterbury, a survival and bushcraft expert from the USA. 

Ambassadors Campaign will be conducted using both online and offline communication with a huge push on Social Media platforms. Also, meetings during trade shows like ShotShow 2020 and IWA OutdoorClassics are planned. Furthermore, you can expect more special events including Ambassadors and fans of the brand in Poland and abroad. 

Pictures of ambassadors that can be downloaded from the disc:

2 Responses to “Helikon-Tex, One of the biggest Manufacturers of Tactical Equipment in Europe is Introducing Its Brand Ambassadors”

  1. Israel Hoffman says:

    I thought Dave was full of shit when it came to his military service record?? Is he legit now?? Or did Helikon-Tex not do their homework

    • Bill says:

      Yes, he was full of shit regarding his military experience. He’s re-marketed himself as a “bushcraft” instructor.

      He has a lot of followers in that arena and “bushcraft” seems to be quite popular in Europe, so probably a good sales call.