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Agilite and Mechanix Wear Join Forces with the M-PACT Agilite Edition

Previously only available to Government Clients, the Multicam only, M-Pact Agilite Edition is now available commercially. 

The M-Pact Agilite Edition was the result of a collaboration between Agilite Systems Inc. and Mechanix Wear, the world leader in tactical hand protection.  They teamed up to develop a unique glove for Tier 1 SOF who wanted the best of all worlds, the protection of a Mechanix M-Pact Covert glove but the tactile capabilities of a fingerless glove.

The semi-fingerless design conforms to your hand like a full glove and yet gives you the dexterity and control of bare hands for your trigger finger, finding a pulse, changing ammunition belts, using smart devices comfortably, or other mission-critical tasks.

Combat-proven downrange, The M-PACT Agilite Edition protects military and law enforcement professionals with EN 13594 rated impact protection. D3O® palm padding dissipates high-impact energy to reduce hand fatigue.

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4 Responses to “Agilite and Mechanix Wear Join Forces with the M-PACT Agilite Edition”

  1. JonnyEnglish says:

    so israely SFs do not need FR gloves.

  2. Jake.G says:

    Oh snaparap! I know what im gettin for X-mas this year!

  3. Jared says:

    Only difference from M-pact is stamp on palm and fingers cut off. For a $10 premium they’ll cut off the fingers for you!!!! What a deal.

    Buy Mpacts, snip snip with a pair of scissors, done. That’s how I have been running them for a while and they haven’t fallen apart. Save your $.