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Unity Tactical – Remora™ for 3M Peltor™

Remora™ for 3M Peltor™ Rail Adapters provides an accessory mounting platform directly overhead of the rail mount hub. It makes the most use of the very limited rail-estate on a helmet with rail-mounted comms that utilize the OEM rail mount assembly. Based on the original Remora™ for our successful MARK platform, Remora™ for 3M Peltor™ quickly and easily installs to the headset mounting hub using included hardware. The mount platform provides unprecedented versatility. Users are no longer relegated to precariously attaching lights and other accessories with Velcro.


Remora™ for 3M Peltor™ provides mount interface for M1913 Picatinny, Surefire Scout™ footprint, and our FUSION™ accessory footprint; giving users tons of options. Positive click detents allow the assembly to be rotated into several positions to direct the accessory orientation. Positioning the Remora™ assembly will not affect the stance of the headset rail adapter hub. Installation of Remora™ for 3M Peltor™ requires no permanent modification to the OEM product. Injection molded in the U.S.A.

Compatible with: OEM 3M Peltor™ ARC™ Rail Adapters / Team Wendy™ EXFIL™ Rail Back Plate / Crye Precision™ ARC™ Rail Back Plate / Busch Protection™ Rail Back Plate / MTEK™ M-LOK™ Rail Back Plate

Material: Impact Resistant Polymer

Interface: M1913 Picatinny | Surefire™ Scout Footprint | Unity Tactical FUSION™ Footprint



3 Responses to “Unity Tactical – Remora™ for 3M Peltor™”

  1. Jk says:

    This is awesome.

  2. Arrow 4 says:

    Can the angle/orientation be adjusted on the fly? Or does it require loosening a screw to adjust?