New Instructional Video from Panteao with New Instructor Make Ready with Jamey Caldwell: Intro to Night Vision

Columbia, SC, December 20, 2019 – Panteao announces the release of a new video title with instructor Jamey Caldwell. Jamey recently joined Panteao’s cadre of instructors.  Jamey spent more than 21 years in the United States Army, serving his entire career in Special Operations. He served 7 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment then spent the following 14 years in a Special Missions Unit that maintained a high operational tempo in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries in the world. He has deployed to combat 14 times and has conducted well over 500 missions. Jamey has been awarded three medals for valorous actions in combat while under direct fire from the enemy.

“Panteao is very fortunate with being able to work with Jamey Caldwell as one of our new instructors,” said Fernando Coelho, President/CEO of Panteao Productions. Fernando continued, “Jamey will be providing valuable content to our viewers that is backed by years of real-world experience.”

Jamey Caldwell said, “After spending so many years in a Tier 1 unit that was constantly engaged in combat I took for granted how much we used Night Vision, laser’s, thermals, and all the equipment that goes with them. It wasn’t until I retired that I learned how fortunate I was to have this knowledge. I felt it was important to share my experience and knowledge with those that want to learn more. Whether it’s for home protection or a law enforcement officer looking to better equip themselves to protect us on the home front. I am glad to share this information and hope that you learn a little something from it.”

The first video to be introduced with Jamey is Intro to Night Vision. Understanding night vision and the gear associated with it is imperative for successful operations in limited visibility. Educating yourself can be a daunting task, till now. In Intro to Night Vision, Jamey Caldwell presents night vision gear and use in a clear and concise manner. He reviews the history of night vision, light spectrum, the image intensifier tube, figure of merit, white versus green phosphor tubes, head mounted systems, weapon mounted systems, lasers, helmets, IR marking devices, digital night vision systems and more.

Panteao greatly appreciates the support of the sponsors that help make this video happen: Black Rifle Coffee, CORE Survival, Streak Ammo, Oakley, Nitecore, Princeton Tec, Emerging Tactical Solutions, Trijicon, Surefire, and TSE Recon

Make Ready with Jamey Caldwell: Intro to Night Vision is now available streaming for Panteao subscribers. It can be watched online via a PC or Mac, on a smartphone or tablet using the Panteao Make Ready Android and iTunes apps, or on television with the Panteao Make Ready channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. For more information on how to stream the Panteao videos, visit:

The video will also be available shortly on DVD and Digital Download formats. For more information on this title, visit Panteao at:

3 Responses to “New Instructional Video from Panteao with New Instructor Make Ready with Jamey Caldwell: Intro to Night Vision”

  1. Owen says:

    Great idea however… deadly book in the wrong hands for our boys overseas

  2. Biblicalviolence says:

    Nothing that couldn’t be extrapolated from elsewhere on the interwebs. Besides, the hoops that has to be jumped through to publicate something like this, nothing classified is ever disseminated.

  3. Brendan says:

    This looks like good stuff, I just groan at BRCC sponsoring more things in the legit training realm, go sell your bad coffee somewhere else.