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SOTECH Launches New Products at SHOT Show 2020

For the 2020 SHOT Show, SOTECH announces they will display their new Tactical Evacuation Pack, the Cobra Medical Aid Bag system, a ropes evacuation system, and the Tactical Modular Medical Carriage System, along with systems we are partnering on including the Tactical Leg Restraint, the Phone Flipper retention device, the Lightweight Tactical Ingress/Egress Kit, and the AUFire wound simulation training system.  And of course, SOTECH will have the Challenge Bears and will be accepting donations for the Vets Corps USA work skills training program.

The Tactical Evacuation Pack is based on our old Expanding SERE pack but redesigned to mount to a vest or large pack as a pouch that unzips into a pack.  We worked  with Army SOF to create a bag to accept a wounded soldier’s full helmet, plate carrier and belt system as a patient effects bag.  As an evidence collection bag or a SERE foraging bag, there is ample room for the load. Its unique configuration allows it to be worn as a pack, expanded while still attached to a plate carrier, or as an expansion module when mounted on top of a large ruck.

The Cobra Medical Aid Bag System is a super-comfortable long-range carry aid bag that opens into an aid station fully integrating into the Tactical Modular Medical Carriage System that was recently NSNed. We have a regular rifleman’s variant and are working on an EOD package already.  Detailed announcements will be coming soon. Along with the Cobra, we are displaying the Lightweight Tactical Ingress/Egress Kit.  SOTechTactical.com

Everyone has been startled while focused on their phone. The Phone Flipper is a retention device for action-oriented people. The loop allows you to both retain your phone while using it and to flip it to the back-hand position for you to go hands on with a tool or a handle.  While not designed for use with a weapon, it can keep a phone handy for a quick call to 911, or just out of the way until you have the opportunity to pocket it.

And the Phone Flipper comes with a version to hold your government ID and credit card to keep the vitals in one place. www.phoneflipper.com available at SOTechTactical.com

Accuracy Under Fire is a gunshot wound simulator generated by electrical muscle stimulation which randomly incapacitated limbs during live tactical training. It is controlled by an instructor with remote device.  www.clearadvancement.com

Check it all  out in booth 20113.

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  1. Canadian says:

    Way to bury the lead! aufire.com has a video on the electrical gunshot simulator- but more info would be great!