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SHOT Show 20 – Helikon-Tex Covert M-65

Helikon-Tex transitioned from a strictly surplus business to making their own clothing when the demand for the M-65 Field Jacket outpaced their access to surplus versions.

At SHOT Show 20, they showed a prototype of a new version called the Covert M-65 which will hit the market this summer. Made of DuraCanvas, it features a more modern look, including shoulder caps to deal with packstrap wear, new pocket flaps, a breakaway zipper, and several new pockets including 30 round magazine pockets at the rear and internal hidden pockets.

Look for it in OD, Coyote and Black this summer.

13 Responses to “SHOT Show 20 – Helikon-Tex Covert M-65”

  1. J says:

    Nice looking jacket. Are the buttons for style or do they have a use on this jacket? I do not see any button holes for them on the opposite side of the zipper area to button into. If, there is no use for the buttons just get rid of them.

    • T says:

      Like many jackets,there is likely a second layer of material over the buttonholes so that once the jacket is buttoned the phyaical buttons can’t snag on anything.

    • J.V. says:

      Probably what you see is a cover flap and the actual button flap is hidden behind it.

      • Sommerbiwak says:

        Looks like the flap to cover the zipper is closed with the buttons. IMHO slotted buttons are a bit much to just hold the flap closed. Otherwise it looks like a good take onthe classic M1965 jacket style. Even adding a useful hood instead of that useless excuse you normally find stuffed into the collar.

        • Strike-Hold says:

          I would have been happy / happier with snaps instead of slotted “Canadian” buttons, but that’s a minor thing, and can also be retrospectively modified.

  2. qwerty says:

    If this accepts a the standard liner, sold!

    • TominVA says:

      Let’s hope they can do better than the old liner. Lot’s of great lightweight synthetic jackets that would serve as a great model for a new liner, the Patagonia nano-puff or the Arcteryx Atom Lt for examples.

  3. B. says:

    I like the coat but I flat out refuse to buy a coat with epaulets. I know they were on the original but they look stupid and serve no purpose on a civilian jacket.

  4. TominVA says:

    Here’s a pretty good video overview with obligatory MAG (mean and angry guy) models. Actually one of the models pulls out a notebook like he’s about to start journaling, so maybe he’s working through his issues.


    The two tone in the example above doesn’t look all that great, but maybe that’s to highlight the shoulder caps? The video shows an all olive version which is reassuring. Nothing about the new hood though, which is disappointing. Otherwise looks like a pretty nice update the M65.

    • J says:

      Great find in that video and thanks for posting it here. Shows where the buttons go into on the other side of the zipper area flap, but the button holes are hidden.

  5. JMLA says:

    This looks awesome. Mag pockets a bonus. Will this be part of their Bushcraft lineup?