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UF PRO Bringing Its Newest Tactical Clothing Products to 2020 Enforce Tac and IWA in Nuremberg

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (05 February 2020)—UF PRO today said it will unveil no fewer than a half-dozen new tactical clothing products as well as showcase other products in its continually expanding catalogue at both the Enforce Tac and IWA Outdoor Classics trade shows in Nuremberg, Germany, next month.

Enforce Tac will be held 4-5 March in Nuremberg’s exhibition centre. UF PRO will be at Stand 12-424 to display the new and familiar lineups.

On 6 March, the UF PRO booth will take up a new position in the same exhibition centre for the start of the IWA Outdoor Classics show, which runs until 9 March. During that time, UF PRO will conduct operations from Stand 9-303.

UF PRO said it will premier at the two shows two next-generation Tactical Pants. The new pants are a part of the company’s popular P-40 range of tactical wear. They’ll offer an updated design, functional pockets, and exceptional wear comfort for the user, the company reported.

Additionally, UF PRO indicated it intends to introduce two new Jackets to their existing lineups. The first one is said to be extremely well suited for sub-zero temperatures and built with features that protect the operator in cold winter conditions. Second is a jacket, designed for cooler and wet environments and boasting a plentiful pocket configuration.

“Both of these jackets will be available in MultiCam and the main advantage is they are now fully covered in this pattern, no parts are left out. “ explained Armin Wagner, head of product development for UF PRO.

“This is a major step forward and it was quite the challenge to achieve, because of the different materials we use in our gear”, added Wagner.

Expected at the UF PRO booth during both trade shows will be several other already introduced items. They include:

Delta ML Gen.2 Jacket in Steel Grey—a feather-light thermal-insulation jacket suitable for wear as a middle or outer layer (it features abrasion-resistant side panels, G-Loft thermal insulation filling, moisture-wicking microfleece lining, and a face fabric that is water-repellent and windproof).

Striker X Combat Shirt in Brown Grey and Flecktarn camouflage patterns—a rugged-design, no-melt/no-drip garment developed by drawing on insights from military operators in need for extremely demanding use.

Striker X Combat Pants in Flecktarn, Brown Grey, and MultiCam camouflage patterns—like the Striker X Combat Shirt, these streamlined pants were developed with military operator input in order to endow them with previously elusive durability.

FR Striker Combat Shirt and Combat Pants set—a not-for-civilian-use flame-retardant BDU sold to government agencies only.

Additionally, UF PRO will have on hand many popular staples found in its current catalogue. Among those will be the waterproof Monsoon XT BDU lineup plus all of the Striker Combat Pants models, such as the hot-weather Striker HT Combat Pants (to be shown in Desert Grey) and the Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants (widely considered the go-to choice for base wear).

Enforce Tac is an annual gathering of police, security officials, and members of the military from across Europe and beyond. It is widely recognized as a premier event for showcasing the newest tactical gear as well as for glimpsing the upcoming products soon to be available on the market.

IWA is a major trade fair geared more (but not entirely) toward the civilian market. As such, it is typically thronged with hunters, competitive shooters, lovers of the great outdoors, and those interested in becoming more proficient at self-defense.

“At these two shows we typically greet thousands of professionals and civilians who want to undertake missions or engage in recreational pursuits while outfitted with clothing that’s exceptionally durable, highly protective, smartly fitting, highly functional and above all comfortable,”  said Armin Wagner.

“We yet again very much look forward to participating in these two phenomenal shows,” he added.

UF PRO makes advanced-technology field garments that include jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories popular with military and law-enforcement personnel.

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