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B&T Announces Telescopic Stock for MP5

Despite its advanced age, the HK MP5 is still in use by many police agencies worldwide. As part of the Mid-Live-Improvement, many users have upgraded and retrofitted the weapon in recent years with B&T parts (handguards, optical mounts, etc.). At the same time, various authorities have repeatedly asked B&T for a well thought-out telescopic stock. Since B&T offers such a telescopic stock for its own APC, the request was gladly granted. The new B&T telescopic stock for the MP5 is convincing in all areas. It is up to 62 mm shorter than known shoulder rests when inserted, it can be pulled out immediately without using a lever and it has 3 locking positions for optimal adaptation to the shooter and its equipment. In addition to these improvements, B&T has also succeeded in reducing the weight of the shoulder stock to 495 g, which is between 21 % and 47% lighter than comparable shoulder stocks.

This was intended as an IWA release and will roll out in Europe first. Not available in the Us yet.

5 Responses to “B&T Announces Telescopic Stock for MP5”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    B&T if you are reading this please take note. While this is a fine idea, what we really want you to do is apply this to the G3 stock. The rounded butt pad or Meat tenderizer as it is known is hated worldwide. Most of the Commercial market is also not shooting rifle grenades so the rounded shape is not important to us. What we want is a flat or concave buttstock with more surface area like the MP5 had or your new stock has. We want a collapsing G3 stock that looks traditional (Spurh is nice but messes with the traditional look and doesn’t collapse nearly as short) and collapses all the way while still being comfortable against the shoulder to shoot. Please scale this up to the G3 for us. Please

  2. Jeb says:

    Thanks for convincing me I needed another stock for my Mp5…just when I thought it was done.

  3. Dave says:

    Wow. Put a little torque on that and bet it bends or brakes. Looks really flimsy like the one that ships on Q’s firearms.

  4. Bill says:

    I know multiple people that are waiting for telescopic stocks for the APC product line. They have been listed as out of stock at major distributors for months. Is there any update for when these will be available in the US again?