Brigantes Presents – Brigantes Issue Essentials

Each week we bring you products that should be on all military standard issue kit lists. This week it’s the Deuter Alpine Guide 35+ in Multicam.

The Deuter Alpine Guide 35 in Multicam suits the needs of operators in the mountain environment.

Using the Deuter Alpine, X-Frame back system the pack is one of the most stable and comfortable packs to carry.  The lid is extendable to accommodate expanded loads and allow for ropes or other pieces of hardwear.  In order to maximise functionality it has a long side opening zip, which allows you to access the full body of the pack without disturbing the load under the lid or having to completely empty the pack.

The hip belt is removable and uses the Vari-Flex system, which enables it to move with you when moving thereby improving comfort and performance. A double pull waist belt gives secure adjustment and the sternum strap helps the load to remain in the right place on your shoulders.

The pack comes with a removeable sit mat and is compatible with hydration bladders up to 3 Litres.  The sides of the pack provide ski loops and the front of the pack has points for two ice axes.

Overall this is the pack for mountain operations.  It has long been the go to pack for people working in the mountains and is the only option for the military mountaineer.

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  1. Dr. Blutwurst says:

    Well the pack on upper pic is not Deuter Alpine Guide 35.