MATBOCK Monday Tarsier Eclipse

Good morning and Happy MATBOCK Monday, The Tarsier Eclipse ™ has been a staple on the battlefield for years, but now is the time to see it in action! Check in Monday at 4:30 PM EST to see it live. Please bring questions as we will be conducting a live Q&A.

Click below for a quick overview. We will also be conducting a live demonstration Monday night at 4:30 PM EST!

More Great Images

Remember to tune in Monday at 4:30 PM EST as we do a live demo of the Tarsier Eclipse and answer your questions!

MATBOCK Monday link:

4 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday Tarsier Eclipse”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    I would have called them C3PO Eyes

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    In case anybody is wondering: These things are legit. They’re a lot more refined than using poked Butler Creek scope covers on your dual tubes.

    • mike says:

      +1 If your budget allows it and your mission benefits from it the Tarsier Eclipse is a must have. The levels of refinement available via the Tarsier over the common one hole lens cover are amazing and really have to be seen to be believed.