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TacJobs – CEMA With The 75th Ranger Regiment

The 75th Ranger Regiment has a dedicated Military Intelligence Battalion and recruits MOS 17C, 35N, and 35P to conduct Cyber and ElectroMagnetic Activities in support of the Regiment and other SOF elements.

MOS 17C: Cyber Operations Specialist integrates full spectrum Cyber capabilities to the 75th Ranger Regiment and the special operations community. Cyber Operators specialize in computer network operations, cyber mission management, technology integration, and offensive cyberspace operations.?

MOSs 35N/35P: Signal Intelligence Analyst and Cryptologic Linguist, serve on an Operational Signals Intelligence Teams (OST) specializing in tactical ground SIGINT analysis. OST provides full spectrum signal intelligence to the 75th Ranger Regiment.

In the Army, send your SRB from a .mil account to [email protected] for your application packet.

In AIT, talk to your instructor and get with a Ranger recruiter to sign a volunteer statement to come to Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 1.

Not in the Army, get with your local Army recruiter and ask about an Option 40 contract.

2 Responses to “TacJobs – CEMA With The 75th Ranger Regiment”

  1. Mehmaster says:

    I guess all the 17E are not invited to the CEMA party in batt.

  2. GANDIS says:

    Is that second pic multicam?