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10th SFG(A) Adapts In Order To Continue Training

10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) recently shared these photos.

Adaptation and the ability to thrive in ambiguity are hallmarks of the Green Beret mindset. Training cannot and will not stop. With logical precautions, social firebreaks between teams and any outsiders allows ODAs to continue training uninterrupted.

9 Responses to “10th SFG(A) Adapts In Order To Continue Training”

  1. miclo18d says:

    I guess the 18D was absent to teach about viruses, transmission, and the like…but hey! “Wearin’ muh mask!”

  2. Mike says:

    10th Group should learn to use mounts other than Areo Precision to mount optics to precision rifles.

  3. TKS says:

    F the masks! I am a 30 year Navy doctor retired. I only wear a mask for high risk patients, which is almost never. The masks are all about social obedience training. Most i see are completely ineffective other than showing obedience to the Shadow Men.

    Current order for the local USMC base: mask, T-shirt, bandana, sock, etc! Really. Stupid stupid stupid.

    • JB says:

      And yet, every surgeon wears one while cutting someone open…strange.

    • Ken Rull says:

      Ok boomer.

      If everyone wears a mask (no they don’t have to be surgical or N95 masks) in concert with other control and mitigation measures, we can significantly reduce the transmission of this virus…and allow folks to BACK TO WORK.

      • Steve says:

        Ok Sheep.

        If you read any of the individual or meta-studies completed on the actual efficacy of all these makeshift masks, let alone the counter-productive practices they encourage and the high potential for harboring a host of harmful microbes you’d recognize how very little benefit these ‘social conformity’ masks actually provide.

        • Ken Rull says:

          Ok lamb.

          I’ve read ’em all and probably more times than you, given it’s currently part of my job. There isn’t that much practical and comprehensive research done on alternative material mask-wearing for a large populace–most of it focuses on the clinical setting with high risk vectors. And even there it has shown some efficacy–indeed an efficacy level that in a public setting for mitigating Casual transmission is highly effective as the chance of transmission is much lower there than in a hospital with known infected patients. Additionally, the proper use of PPE, like most equipment, requires training. Everything you wear, including your own skin, has the “potential for harboring a host of harmful microbes,” which again, is mitigated by proper training/use of PPE and proper hygiene. NON-retired doctors in heavily COVID-19 impacted hospitals are staying healthy by stringently abiding by four pillars: Screening, Hygiene, Distancing and, yes, Mask-wearing. Is it needed in the public? If they are to be meeting in enclosed spaces with many people around–Yes. Can the public be relied upon to follow those pillars (even when the requirements for mitigating casual transmission are less than for hospitals)? We’re seeing that the answer to that is not always, as some lambs are misled by “feelings” and politics, while ignoring data and actual science. The good men of the 10th SFG(A) are far better disciplined, pragmatically use what works regardless of feelings or politics and, like their medical counterparts, have adapted to overcome all the BS from the far Left and far Right that have thrown distancing and mask-wearing out the window these last few weeks.

    • Ton E says:

      They typically have the luxury of changing masks out in a timely manner because keeping the exact same mask on for hours makes no sense.