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“Changing Stripes” (a Tiger Stripe History Teaser)

Sunday, May 31st we ran a SCUBA Pro Sunday article celebrating the birthday of the US Navy SEALs. You probably noticed a couple of interesting gear modifications and iconic camouflage patterns in the last picture of that article.

You know, the one right before you learned that SEAL Team 2 is older than Team 1?

That picture features both tiger stripe and ERDL pattern cammies like those worn by Vietnam era New Zealand SAS soldiers, current OPFOR role-players, and others (including Philippine SOF units).

Recently freelance journalist (and militaria SME) Peter Suciu wrote an article for the Breach-Bang-Clear crew about the history and development of tiger stripe camouflage on their “House Morningwood” site. In it he addresses both historical and contemporary use of the pattern.

If you’re interested in that, check out,

Changing Stripes: a history of Tiger Stripe Camo.

And remember…you don’t wear tiger stripes in Japan.

By Dave Reeder, correspondent extraordinaire and magnificent bastard.

One Response to ““Changing Stripes” (a Tiger Stripe History Teaser)”

  1. ER says:

    Thanks for the shout out about the SCUBAPRO article. And SEAL Two is the oldest because both teams were commissioned at noon/ or 1300. East coast noon is three hours before west coast Team One noon. Thanks again