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The ideal environment, the camouflage suit sits great and fully camouflaged, he storms the building.

Does it really work that way? With good patterns, yes, sure. But it’s not just a matter of patterns. Each camouflage only works well in the right background. And we wanted to figure out the limits of this one for you: PHANTOMLEAF WASP II Z4 is presented as an originally urban pattern. We wanted to know how it works where and what are ist limitations to give you ideas to use it wisely: Good camouflage products work best with a skilled operator.

The uniform is from Leo Leo Köhler and we presented it HERE in the SPARTANAT review. It is autumn, we are outdoors. And Z4 doesn’t come too bad even at this location.

Where the pattern reaches its limits, which is why we do not want to export it to spring, is green. The moss alone kicks it out.

Who likes to compare. We photographed the green Z3A from PHANTOMLEAF at a different time of the year in the same place and in the same position: we could hardly be found. HERE is the field test with the green WASP II Z3A from PAHANTOMLEAF.

This pattern by PHANTOMLEAF likes what is stone and has shades.

This wall was not built after Z4 was built. Nevertheless, the pattern fits in fine.

Broken stones, soil in between, all of these come very well in line with the strongly structured patterns in gray and brown tones.

Gravel substrates are also ideal for using PHANTOMLEAF Z4. The strong structure fits here too.

The stone wall in the tunnel underneath literally “soaks up” the pattern.

The topic is more difficult with smooth concrete.

But as soon as there are any structures – it is wet on the ground, plus broken lines – this pattern from PHANTOMLEAF is immediately at home again.

You don’t always have to be in the foreground. Tree branches from a bush, urban environment. Good camouflage.

Let’s go out into nature with the pattern. Stack of wood, all wildly mixed up and many colors. We could hide well with Z4.

The tree trunk is the example where Z4 surprised us the most. It fits in perfectly despite it originally being intended for urban use.

It even disappears …

… because it is now placed at the foot of the tree and matches the light gray wood structure.

Autumn forest, lots of brown tones …

where the background becomes “monocolor”, the pattern does not feel comfortable. Here it suddenly looks pale because the leaves are so lively.

Urban without cover looks fine, because PHANTOMLEAF fits in well here.

Even if it sometimes appears bright, it “adopts” the surroundings well.

Taking cover in a gray-brown environment, Z4 likes that.

Where there is fighting, a lot is broken, which gives more cover. Here is a disappeared old building as a test site for the PHANTOMLEAF field test.

Plaster, brick, earth – the camouflage pattern disappears.

That is the main area the pattern is intended for.

If the surface becomes too dark, the pattern is again noticeable. On the other side: In real combat situation the suit will be covered in dust and will be wet and will become more adopted tot he surroundings by this. Just to mention: To make a suit more dark to adopt in the field is much easier to lighten it up.

Old house wall: put on the camouflage suit, sit down, nobody will recognize you.

Then someone left his jacket hanging and ran away. Must be cold: Z4 and winter is a hot topic. Especially where there is no closed snow cover.

Now a search picture: Find Z4! A little tip: in the front left. That is very impressive for an “urban pattern”.

CONCLUSION: At first glance an extreme camouflage pattern, which turns out to be very versatile if you pay attention to the surroundings. In addition to the urban environment and autumn forest areas, the pattern also plays a great role in a landscape with some snow and rock.

More pictures of the various PHANTOMLEAF patterns in the field can be found on Instagram at PHANTOMLEAFOFFICIAL.

HERE we interviewed the creators of PHANTOMLEAF.

The field blouse and combat trousers in PHANTOMLEAF by Leo Köhler are available from RECON COMPANY. The command field blouse costs 89.95, the combat trousers 109.95. The matching cap is available at 14.95.

PHANTOMLEAF on the Internet:

LEO KÖHLER on the Internet:

The small leaf is the PHANTOMLEAF logo.

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  1. greg stone says:

    lol cool name, limited pattern usage…..

    • Joe says:

      It looks like pretty effective urban Camo, unlike UCP.

      A little green here and there wouldn’t hurt (moss) and might help it a bit in non-man made urban surroundings.