Crossfire Australia MULE

Introducing the Crossfire MULE, a do-anything, carry-anything pack. It can be compressed into a low-profile, 1900 cu-in pack or expanded to 5000 cu-in. It can carry, Pelican cases, a 20-litre water/fuel jerry or streamlined for the hunter. Whether it is used on the front lines carting .50cal ammo cans across the Hindu Kush mountain range, or packing a freshly quartered Elk for the journey home in Montana. The Crossfire MULE will deliver these items comfortably, reliably and efficiently to their destination. The MULE is designed to easily attach to both the DG3 or the DG 16 Frame™. (FRAME SOLD SEPERATELY) If you already have one of our premier rucks either the DG3, DG16 or Mk.7 simply remove the packs from the frame at their attachment points and re-attach the MULE, this is a simple process by using our quick attachment system, the removal and attachment process can be done in under 5 minutes. This is the oversize carriage option many of you’ve been asking for, so we delivered.

3 Responses to “Crossfire Australia MULE”

  1. Kombat Krush says:

    Always love to see options like this, and there are a lot, but i have yet to find one as comfortable and versatile as my mystery ranch load sling with load cells. There’s a comment on the crossfire page stating they don’t settle for mediocrity, yet this is a borrowed and established design that quite frankly appears mediocre compared to competitors in similar price range. Just my 2 cents but I’m not a fan of plagiaristic designs.

  2. Will says:

    Death-stranding…nuff said.

  3. TC says:

    bad customer service won’t buy anything from them
    lousy service actually no service at all

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