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IceVents Aero by Qore Performance

STERLING, VA – Consistent with their commitment to continually press the limits of design to enhance operator performance through thermoregulation, Qore Performance released to the public this week the IceVents Aero, their latest innovation in padding and ventilating load carriage systems.  Inspired by the aerodynamic profile of Formula One cars and the SpaceX Falcon 9/Crew Dragon, IceVents Aero use the same honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer from their popular IceVents Classic, but in a streamlined shape that removes all excess material.

The lighter-weight IceVents Aero prevent chafing on the neck when worn with low collar shirts and reduce fatigue on shoulders in the highest performance and lightest weight minimalist plate carriers and rucksacks. They also reduce chafing and bulk around the hips under a duty belt.

IceVents Aero are universally compatible with every plate carrier system on the market, and are compatible with many rucksacks and assault packs as well. 

IceVents Aero are available as a pair for shoulder strap venting and padding, or as part of combination sets with IceVents Classic to cover duty belt padding and torso ventilation with the IceVents Classic used as pontoon-style padding inside the plate bag.  IceVents Aero are available in Black and in AR 670-1 compliant Coyote Tan. More detail is available at QorePerformance.com.

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