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Unico Combat Waterproof by Naglev

Founded by the members of the Italian Morlin family, who have made footwear for six generations and revitalized the Garmont brand in the 90s, but left to try something new and sustainable. In fact, the company’s name is an acronym, Natural Glocal Evolution, with “glocal” denoting global and local working together.

First off, although the Unico is named a combat boot, the name is derived more from the styling than its intended use. That being said, it doesn’t mean well dressed commandos won’t be wearing these later this year. I suspect they will.

The design is very straight forward and they are only available in Black with natural accents. This high leg shoe is the result of the successful Unico which is a low top trail shoe.

It features an outer shell made of Kevlar and an inner wool sock. Due to this construction, expect a glove-like fit. The outer shell is made of a single piece of indestructible Kevlar forming a sandwich which incorporates the cable lacing, the padding and the stiffner. This also features a TPU rand.

Inside there’s the wool I mentioned, along with lycra and eco membrane for waterproofness.

The sole is natural rubber and the pattern reminds me a bit of the old Bomba sole. The footbed is crafted from leather and coconut fibers and there’s a dual-density EVA midsole. If they’re anything like the low top variant, they’re going to have a very stiff sole, akin to an approach shoe.

They utilize Men’s Euro sizing, 40-47 with half sizes. Shipping in October.

2 Responses to “Unico Combat Waterproof by Naglev”

  1. MAc says:

    Great… a boot i cant use thanks to a light brown sole and gash eyelets. Real military.