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TD x Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants in Tigerstripe

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration, Tactical Distributors commissioned a run of Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants in Tigerstripe.

These will go fast!

9 Responses to “TD x Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants in Tigerstripe”

  1. JS says:


  2. Adam says:

    Never spend $400 on pants before. First time for everything.

  3. Alpha2 says:

    Damn. Missed them.

  4. Kombat krush says:

    Quite possibly the sexiest pants I’ve ever seen! Outstanding work!

  5. Philip says:

    These sold out quicker than N95 masks and hand sanitizer.

    • Philip says:

      That’s just rude. I rate scalpers right down there with car salesmen and lawyers.

      • Beano says:

        I couldn’t agree more. There’s a guy on the airsoft app Hopup who listed these today at $1200 plus fees and shipping

  6. lcpl0420 says:

    we need another run to include combat tops and desert tiger stripe