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UF PRO Introduces P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants—Heavy Duty All-’Rounders Offer Extreme Performance, Comfort

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (15 July 2020)—UF PRO today announced it will bring to market on 28 July a fully updated version of its popular tactical pants. The new model—known as the P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2—incorporates innovative design elements that give wearers better fit plus enhanced freedom of movement as well as superior comfort and extreme durability coupled with greater functionality.

“We are very confident that the tactical community for whom the P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants were created will make them their go-to heavy duty all-’rounders for every-day use,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

“We built these tactical pants for use in any terrain and for any activity,” he added.

The P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants make use of larger stretch panels built out of schoeller®-dynamic stretch material. These panels, in concert with a unique anatomic cut, allow wearers to move without restrictions and interference from the pants, Wagner said.

“The amount of freedom of movement these pants provide and how incredibly well the stretch panels retain their elasticity over the course of time is the reason we opted to employ schoeller®-dynamic stretch material,” added Wagner.

The stretch panels and the special anatomic cut also work synergistically to boost the level of comfort wearers experience, Wagner noted.

During cold weather wearers can take advantage of the option to add a WINDSTOPPER® liner. Wagner indicated that the liner, which easily zips into place, provides warmth and is 100% windproof even in subzero temperatures.

Carried forward from the first generation of P-40s is the modular knee protection. “The pants’ construction at the knees has been improved to make it more comfortable to wear and benefit from our UF PRO modular pads for extreme cushioning or protection or both,” Wagner said. “Also, the pockets into which the pads are inserted have been redesigned to ensure that the pads stay even more securely in place while the wearer is running or jumping or has the pockets fully opened for extra ventilation.”

According to Wagner, other key features of the upgraded tactical pants include:

Nine high-function pockets. Two are dual-access side pockets offering large storage capacity, special inner compartments, and an attached CORDURA®-reinforced gear pocket with security flap. Among the remaining pockets—all constructed with CORDURA® reinforcement—are those designed to firmly hold a variety of essential items such as phones, knives, pens, small electronics, and extra magazines.


Improved durability. The seams have been made even sturdier thanks to use of a different manufacturing technique. The result is less vulnerability to snagging on tree branches, metal barbs, and other pointy, protruding objects which wearers might brush up against.


Added functionality. The pants come configured with hooks along the bottom of the legs for attachment to the shoelaces of the wearer’s boots. Their purpose is to prevent the pant legs from riding up as the wearer walks, runs, or sits. The pants also feature CORDURA®-reinforced double loops along the waist to enable the wearer’s belt to carry a duty belt. Moreover, the width of the lower leg can be adjusted to suit wearer preferences.


Wagner said the base material used in constructing the upgraded pants is a Ripstop fabric blend of—67-percent polyester and 33-percent cotton.  

The P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2 Tactical Pants will retail at €152 each. Available colours are Kangaroo, Black, Navy Blue, Coyote Brown, Brown Grey, and Steel Grey.


UF PRO makes advanced-technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units in Europe and worldwide.

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