Raptor Tactical Nalgene Bottle Cover Prototypes

Raptor Tactical has created three different Nalgene bottle carriers/pouches for 32oz bottles.

Which one do you like best?

18 Responses to “Raptor Tactical Nalgene Bottle Cover Prototypes”

  1. Mark says:

    I like all 3. However, I can see the skeletonized version being the better choice as a straight up light-weight nalgene holder with the ability to fold up out of the way and also attach a small pouch. The mesh reminds me of the early maxpedition mesh rolypoly which I still use as a bottle carrier and snack pouch for backpacking. But the mesh shown here looks thinner and I’m curious how durable it is. The third one with the laser cut and solid pouch looks like a good choice for a nalgene that can me repurposed easier to prevent stuff from falling through. But I’d also want any of them sized to fit a bottle cup. If the skeletonized one fit a cup, that’s where I’d spend money on producing.

  2. Adun says:

    I like the option that is all the way on the right with the full coverage. The only reason why I could see myself wanting a cover like this would be to completely protect the bottle from sunlight and abrasion, so only something with full coverage would do that with a high level of effectiveness. Additionally, a cover that provides such overall coverage could be used to carry something else in an emergency, such as if you have to forage for food or fire starting materials for example.

  3. Iggy says:

    The mesh one all the way. Why the hell do i need pals on a water bottle? Tho the velcro going vertically might catch less when sliding into a pouch.

    • Nick M says:

      People that carry iodine pills in the side pocket of their current canteen pouxh?

  4. Mojo says:

    Multicam FTW.

  5. Mooseknukle says:

    I like all three, but I cant tell if that handle/strap can attach the bottle holder to something else. I’d like to see them come up with a new option for attaching that strap to mounting points inside of a vehicle, ie head rest bars, seat belt, roll cage, etc. Good looking wraps!

  6. Homer says:

    Skeletonized laminate with slots, sized to fit a cup with nested bottle. The slots add no weight and allow for adding a small piggyback pouch with CLO2 tablets and a coffee filter. In rough brush/cactus country the mesh will get shredded. Skeletonized laminate has enough presence to allow carrying items other than bottles without losing them.

    It might be cool if adding a small laminate tab and a bit of Velcro would allow the empty pouch to be rolled up like a Maxped RolyPoly.

  7. Some Amateur says:

    I like the mesh one. It provides better reflection reduction and camouflage than the one to the left. Also, you can still easily check fluid levels unlike the full cover version to the right. However the durability of the mesh is a potential downside.

    With that in mind, if it was being custom made for me, I would ask for the one on the right but with the mesh as the layer underneath.

    Another alternative would be to have the one on the left, but with only a few columns of squares cut (2-3 instead of 6?) for fluid visibility.

  8. Brandon says:

    Skeletonized with the velcro- add a little microbat pouch or similar for water tabs/salt tabs or fire starter. Making the bottom flexible enough to hold a cup would be bad ass

  9. thomas stickle says:

    Mesh with the skeleton style pals overlay and just mesh. I can attach a pouch to the skeleton style pals overlay with mesh and still hide my aluminum bottle or just use the mesh if I don’t need a pouch. this way I keep flashy colors suppressed when I’m hunting.

  10. Adam says:

    I’d pick the skeletonized pals. I like them all, but also question the durability of the mesh.

  11. marincoh says:

    This gonna fit a hydroflask?

  12. Luke Fowler says:

    The skeletonized one on the left shows the downside there; bright colored bottles show through too much. If you are using drab colored bottles this is probably the best one though.

    I’ve used a similar mesh as the center one; its tougher then it looks but I still wouldn’t trust it long term.

    In general even just a full 1L bottle is going to be a lot for a one channel PALS attachment; unless it is really crammed tightly between two other pouches I think it will flop too much. Let alone if you start stacking pouches on top; the traditional two channel bottle pouch is far more secure.

    If I could be convinced that I’d ONLY use the pouch for bottles the open bottom is great; but it really does kill most other uses. I’d prefer a fabric or laminate but laser cut smaller (non PALS compatible) holes closer together; drainage of a mesh, most of the durability of the original fabric, and less snaggy then the skeletonized pattern. closed bottom for mini dump pouch use.

  13. Benb says:

    Probally the mesh or laminate. This will be great to put on the side of a tssi m9 bag. Ranger Green please!

  14. ferris209 says:

    Just please make a 40oz HydroFlask option.

  15. T says:

    I’m picturing myself, cold and wet. I haven’t slept in 2 days and I’m carrying 60-70lbs of kit.

    I’m thirsty and I empty my Nalgene. Then after a satisfying drink I’m absolutely pissed off from trying to insert the bottle back into a spider web of straps.