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Xentris Wireless Expands Product Portfolio to Include Ruggedized Warfighter Charging Solutions

Addison, IL – Xentris Wireless, a leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality, innovative wireless accessories, is proud to announce an expansion of its product development, testing and manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Addison, Illinois.

Through a series of recent strategic investments, Xentris Wireless has expanded its capabilities to include ruggedized charging solutions for the Warfighter. Xentris Wireless’s goal is to quickly deliver the best Soldier-accepted, safe charging solutions for the Warfighter by leveraging its knowledge of rapid consumer product development in conjunction with newly acquired knowledge of military power solutions.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our military product line – EXO Charge. Charging solutions for the mobile device industry is the foundation on which Xentris Wireless was built. Our name has become synonymous with high quality mobile accessories developed at the forefront of emerging technologies,” states David Bailey, President and CEO.

“As we move forward with EXO Charge, you can count on Xentris Wireless to deliver enhanced charging solutions that improve the agility of the modern Warfighter. Our focus will be solutions that make the Soldier faster, lighter and more lethal. EXO Charge will always be about providing the absolute best solutions for the Warfighter,” continued Bailey.

Xentris Wireless’s mission is to provide users the best charging solutions possible. The EXO Charge division will

For updates and additional information, visit www.exocharge.com.

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