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TYR Tactical Tuesday – Hard Armor Facility and HA3/ST Plates

Since the beginning, TYR Tactical® has never stopped developing and improving upon their soft and hard armor offerings. They now offer Level II, IIIA, III and IV armor solutions. Additionally, they currently have the lightest Level IIIA, III and IV Shields on the market.

TYR Tactical® has invested nearly $14M to construct a New Armor Manufacturing Facility on their Peoria, AZ Headquarters Campus. This new building will house state-of-the-art presses and autoclaves to support hard armor production. This much needed expansion, along with their current in-house Ballistic Test Range, will give them unmatched armor development capability.

So why now? Owner & CEO Jason Beck had this to say about the driving force behind the Armor Facility Expansion: “As one of the few remaining family owned businesses in our industry I feel a responsibility to always be the guy making everyone else strive to get better. I felt the armor industry had grown stagnate, become too reactionary, and too contract focused. The industry stopped innovating and the end user community simply deserved better. We have had a very productive year in spite of the ongoing pandemic.  Investing back into the company and our people seemed like the right thing to do. We are building a world class armor production facility and adding next generation equipment, to continue to push our industry and build kit for the Next Generation Warrior®. Innovate or Die®!”

Download PDF here.

Check out the TYR Tactical® Level III HA3/ST Hard Armor Plates. Available now at www.tyrtactical.com.

HA3/ST Torso Plate: www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/hard-armor-plates/tyr-tactical-level-iii-ha3-st-hard-armor-plate

HA3/ST Side Plate: www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/hard-armor-plates/tyr-tactical-level-iii-ha-awpsb-66-hard-armor-side-plate

One Response to “TYR Tactical Tuesday – Hard Armor Facility and HA3/ST Plates”

  1. Chris from Cali says:

    2.73lbs for a 10×13″ plate ain’t bad at all, but the $895 price tag per plate makes it feel like TYR only cares about agency orders (contracts), despite Mr. Beck trying to convince us otherwise.