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PressCheck – Fighting Gun Set Ups

PressCheck Consulting’s Chuck Pressburg talks fighting gun set ups. There’s a ton of real world valuable info here on how a fighting gun should be configured and things to consider regarding enablers…lights, sights, lasers, etc….

Train with Chuck:

About: SGM(R) Pressburg retired from the US Army on January 1, 2017 after 26 years of active service, mostly in Special Operations and Special Missions Units. After Infantry and Airborne Training in 1990, Chuck completed the Ranger Indoctrination Program and was assigned to the 1st Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment.

Chuck’s experience includes:

• 10 years in the 75th Ranger Regiment including Platoon Sergeant of a 65-man strike force that was deployed to Afghanistan two times in 2001/2002. Chuck’s platoon was highly decorated for combat action receiving 10 Silver Stars and 11 Bronze stars with “V” during their first deployment.

• 24 months Rifle and Sniper Squad Leader – 82nd Airborne Division.

• 2 years Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) (Founding member, 1st active Army unit member deployed to combat, Selection Class #1, Operational Training Course (OTC) Class #1).

• 20 months in Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting Small Kill Team (SKT) operations and Direct Action raids in support of conventional and Special Operations Forces.

• 12 years, HQ USASOC performing various operational and staff tasks including a two-year assignment to the G8 section where Chuck performed Science and Technology R&D. While assigned to USASOC, Chuck graduated from the Defense Acquisitions University’s Combat Developer’s Course and The Human Factors Engineering (MANPRINT) Course. Chuck spent several years assisting in material acquisition programs for SOF.

5 Responses to “PressCheck – Fighting Gun Set Ups”

  1. Iceman says:

    Great video and let me just say that any guy working for DOD that has the clout to have a set screw added to their gun to keep it from going full auto is doing some dangerous shit. Thank you for your service Chuck.

    • Will says:

      Err… set screw idea is a train wreck, the ole’ MK11 did that and it would either fail open or closed which meant that suddenly you could either not shoot or only shoot full-auto. Don’t introduce additional fail mechanisms into your working system!

      • Ray Forest says:

        I believe he means a set screw that screwed into the side of the receiver to prevent the switch from moving down past the semi position by blocking its travel. If it snapped off or screwed itself in, it would just mean a return to normal operation. Much like the Selector block option for the M4 that could be installed above the grip. It’s a pretty safe mod with a very negligible failure point.

      • Bobby says:

        It seems the re-release/commercial (newest releases) by HK is, along with the the newer order of “carbine-ation” (AR supremacy) is somewhat shitting on the MP5 family historically. Not this post by any means, but by means of comparisons.
        I also carried the family of MP5’s for years in many places and then followed into the M4 and near-following examples. After carrying the M16XX, SAW and others for years before it was just another expand of PROPER training and employment. There were many modifications at the user level. About the time the Dremel Tool made it on the scene it was open season on the safety and the pistol grip. The MP’r has several variations of the gun itself and the trigger groups. Easy enough to swap them with two pins. I’d never permanently do anything to limit the capabilities. We carried the gun when off SAFE in FA because 90% of the time we were doing controlled bursts very well, as it was bred into you. As was the SAW, M240, etc.
        There were many time the pistol grip design, be-it not AR type helped in climbing, opening doors, and securing it close to your carriage when transitioning back to SAFE. Remember what the gun was used for now, as Chuck indicated. It’s a very accurate, reliable, high-capacity pistol. And I mean reliable. We had probably 100,000 round through some guns and they just went on and on. Even shot faster and had a better cadence with accelerated bursts. Again, it’s a pistol by engagement humanities. No arguing the caliber or the applications of course, but it was and still is apparently (see: pistol conversion kits, new stock kits, new guns (hello B&T) ahead of its time in many way. Could be said it started the advancement/foundation of TTP’s the carbine moved ahead on an is so established today.
        This isn’t a comment to Chuck really other than one comment about the set screw (which somewhat was surprising he used it as a true pistol for the noise reduction) but the greater crowd that thinks the HK family is uber trash and not an AR. Right, it’s not an AR. So why compare it to one? May as well compare an AR to a Glock shoulder kit.
        Thank you for your post Chuck. I enjoyed it, Sir.

  2. Chuck you put one of the best Vids out there on the MAWL, this brief is on par. We done Sir!