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Qore Performance Partnership with European Distributors

STERLING, VA – Qore Performance has partnered with European distributors, Brownells Deutschland and Terräng MP-Sec, to facilitate access to their thermoregulation technologies for customers throughout Europe. Brownells has a network of retail and mail order locations across Europe, making order fulfillment and shipping costs far more efficient for Qore Performance customers on the far side of the Atlantic. Along with their close relationship with French Special Operations and Law Enforcement organizations, MP-Sec distributes to customers in France, Belgium, Italy, and North Africa.

Louis Tidey, Director of Commercial Sales for MP-Sec said, “We are very excited to represent Qore Performance products in France and to introduce these great products to the French MIL/LEO forces. We believe it’s the next stage for soldier hydration management.”

Qore Performance Director of Sales and Business Development, Doug Burr added, “Qore Performance is proud to facilitate access of our products to our friends and allies in Europe. We look forward to building our relationship with these two great companies. Brownells Deutschland and MP-Sec were both specifically chosen as our distributors due to their established records of excellence in supplying and serving customers across Europe.”

Both MP-Sec and Brownells Deutschland will carry many elements of the Qore Performance IceAge Ecosystem, including IcePlate Curve and IcePlate Sleeve Combo, as well as IceVents Aero and IceVents Classic padding solutions. The IceAge Ecosystem is focused on thermoregulation to enhance human performance in any environment through lightweight, durable, multi-use products that provide multiple modes of heating, cooling, and hydration. The IceAge Ecosystem is compatible with almost every tactical load carriage system on the market today.

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