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Polartec and Houdini Launch 100% Recyclable and Circular Mono Air Houdi

Pioneering fabric developer Polartec announces the launch of its award-winning Polartec® Power AirTM – the first 100% recyclable and circular fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding – through a special collaboration with Swedish sportswear brand Houdini and the Mono Air Houdi.

With a focus on sustainability for both brands, the Houdini Mono Air Houdi was created to address the issue of plastic and textile waste on a larger scale. At the forefront of the design is the revolutionary soft and smooth Polartec Power Air fabric technology. Seen as the next generation of fleece, the innovative platform offers advanced thermal efficiency by encapsulating lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction. This highly durable and long-lasting mono material knit construction is completely circular and engineered to reduce microfiber shedding by 80%. With its cutting-edge outdoor performance, the jacket pushes boundaries both in terms of sustainability and functionality.

“Polartec Power Air is a step forward in reducing the environmental impact of what we make and wear,” says Steve Layton, President of Polartec. “This groundbreaking technology can be a real enabler for circularity. It’s processes and constructions like these which make circularity possible. And it’s designs like Houdini’s which help show the world how clothing can be made sustainably.”

Read more about Polartec, Houdini and Project Mono Air here.

2 Responses to “Polartec and Houdini Launch 100% Recyclable and Circular Mono Air Houdi”

  1. MikeB says:

    Yeah, OK, we don’t even recycle cardboard anymore since China shut down all but virgin cardboard acceptance, and we have no national plastic recycler.