New Defiant Hoodie Soft-shell from PDW

Fully Seam Taped, 4-Way Stretch Schoeller, All-Weather Soft-Shell Jacket

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their fully seam taped, technical, soft-shell hoodie made with All-Weather, 4-way stretch Swiss Schoeller fabric. Streamlined, uncluttered, purpose driven design, feature rich, and easily transitions from the wilderness to street in all 4 seasons. The Defiant Hoodie also features the innovative, embedded component management system by Cohaesive™ of North America, and YKK AquaGuard® zippers.

The purpose driven design is born from almost 2 decades of R&D experience in this class of outerwear, taking the input of real-world user feedback across all 7 continents from the Hindu Kush to Torres del Paine, and the sum of design experience from our chief designer. From everyday wear to remote destinations and even dangerous places, the Defiant Hoodie is an uncompromising technical soft-shell that literally has you covered.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“It took over 4 years and as many technical manufacturing centers to get our Defiant jacket where we needed it to be and bring it to market. Our CEO and Chief Designer Patrick is credited in a number of industry journals with introducing this category of technical soft-shell outerwear to the market as we know it. So, he’s definitely got some time behind this wheel and has been working on this type of outerwear for nearly 20 years. We went straight to the top tier of textiles and components and spec’ed it to be fully seamed taped for total weatherproofness. Components needed to be laser set and cut for maximum precision and consistency in fit per size. The styling is a consequence of the product’s purpose and function. Our first piece in technical outerwear uses best in class materials, advanced fabrication techniques, good for year ‘round wear and can transition from field to street without skipping a beat. The Defiant Hoodie is going to have your back up the mountain, down range, in the middle of the wilderness, behind the wheel and on the street. Keep moving forward in any weather, find a way, or make one.”

The Defiant Hoodie Soft-Shell is a part of the PRO-Line of products by Prometheus Design Werx. Available in Rogue Green, Syth Black, and Universal Field Gray.

The Defiant Hoodie Soft-Shell will be available for $395.00 on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 12:00pm Pacific via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com.

2 Responses to “New Defiant Hoodie Soft-shell from PDW”

  1. Keith says:

    I have the Iliad Field Jacket now and it is great, especially as it can layer with the DA Hoodie. I would love to see a direct comparison between the Iliad and the Defiant. On press releases it seems like the Defiant is a bit more waterproof.

    • Baldwin says:

      “…a bit more waterproof.”
      Waterproof and breathability are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s either waterproof or it’s not…hardshell vs. softshell. If you’re doing softshell you have deliberately moved away from waterproof for the specific intent of improving breathability.