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Propper Hosts Free Defensive Training Session for Local Law Enforcement

St. Charles, MO — Missouri-based Propper International recently hosted a full-day training event at the Granite City Police Department’s private gun range on October 29th. Members from police departments across the Greater St. Louis area attended with military police and other federal agencies represented as well.

Throughout the day, they received instruction from renowned tactical trainer Rick Hogg. Hogg is a 29-year US Army Special Operation Combat Veteran with 13 combat deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan. Since returning from overseas, Hogg provides comprehensive firearms training to military and law enforcement through his proven training methodology service company War HOGG Tactical, Inc.

“What I’ve noticed working with several departments across the country is that the onus for sharpening defensive skills lies with the officers themselves,” said Hogg. “I applaud Propper for showing the initiative to give these guys an opportunity to develop their abilities in a group setting and push each other to be better.”

During the morning session, the focus was on increasing efficiency when drawing from a holster and changing magazines, both with dry fire and live rounds. The afternoon session included exercises intended to simulate shooting under duress and also covered first responder medical skills such as how to stop a bleeding wound and apply a tourniquet. Each officer was provided with Propper gear to wear during the training and got to take home a Propper Bail Out Bag after the session concluded.

“Organizing this training exercise seemed like the bare minimum we could do to express our appreciation to these brave individuals who’ve put their lives on the line to keep our community safe,” said Craig Madden, Senior VP of Marketing & eCommerce for Propper.


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