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Dutch Marine Corps Fields New Pulk Transport Sleds for Arctic

This release was provided by the Korps Mariniers or Dutch Marine Corps.

During the upcoming Joint Arctic Training on the Northflank in Norway, the first new Pulks will be deployed at the squadron level. Pulk is the English term for a short low-hanging small sleigh and is pronounced ?? pooluk” The Pulk offers good opportunities for Marines to take their equipment.


Marine Corps units take in arctic conditions a lot of equipment such as (extra) clothing, fuel and tents. They need these items to survive at low temperatures. As a result, Marines are now carrying a heavy backpack while moving on skis in snowy areas. An additional disadvantage of a complete package on the man is that the function of the worn clothing is not fully utilized (breathing capacity).


After various tests, during previous winter training with Pulks, 4 different types have been chosen. The 120 cm General Purpose Machine Gun Pulk is directly suitable as a weapons platform. The 135 cm is the operator Pulk and suitable for every sierra operator, a 150 cm Pulk for every MAG helper and a 170 cm variant for general use of the various troops of a squadron.

Cooperation and guarantee

In collaboration with the Weapons System Management (WSM) section of the Group Commander Operational Units Marines (GC-OEM), the Clothing and Equipment (KL & OUT), and the Assortments Manager, have now been purchased for a squadron Pulks. Next year two more extraditions will follow, so that a fully Marine Combat Group will be equipped with new Pulks from then on.

7 Responses to “Dutch Marine Corps Fields New Pulk Transport Sleds for Arctic”

  1. Jk says:

    Machine gun sled! I needs one! Imagine that on Christmas Vacation!… son.. I’m a professional!!!!

  2. Iggy says:

    I wanna see the ones standing wrapped in the back.
    Be interested to see the results of GPMG use, thinking real world is pretty different from use on a ski field as is all MACWO.

  3. Mark says:


    Reminds me of Stalker (GI Joe 1989).

    He had a white kayak with an M249 mounted on it.

  4. Rob says:

    1. When will these hit the surplus market?
    2. I wonder what Varusteleka would charge to ship to Colorado?
    3. Pics of handles/harness?

    DIY pulks only suck less than a full sized backpack in deep snow at elevation. I’d love to have any size I could get.

  5. Stian says:

    The original Arctic pulks can be purchased at their site