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True Velocity Completes On-Time Shipment of Over 625K Rounds of Composite-Cased Ammo to US Army

Delivery marks beginning of final review period for force modernization program

GARLAND, TX (January 7, 2021) – Texas-based ammunition manufacturer, True Velocity, finalized delivery of more than 625,000 rounds of the company’s proprietary composite-cased 6.8mm ammunition to the U.S. Army for consideration in the Next Generation Squad Weapon Program (NGSW). This milestone marks a significant point in the review process to become the U.S. Army’s next choice in small arms Ammunition, which is anticipated to effectively replace the standard 5.56x45mm round carried by many soldiers.

The U.S. Army initially shortlisted True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition in August 2019 as a finalist for the NGSW program and the first shipment of 6.8mm True Velocity ammunition was delivered to the Army in August 2020. Following this most recent delivery, the Army will test the ammunition in a variety of settings throughout 2021 before issuing a final decision on contracts related to NGSW participation.

“It has been a long, exciting road to get to this point,” said Chris Tedford, president of True Velocity. “We have consistently been able to demonstrate the effectiveness and superior performance of True Velocity’s designs and manufacturing processes time and time again, proving that we represent the obvious choice for the future of military small arms ammunition. Due to the dedication of our team, we are living up to our ethos of making ammunition perfect for our warfighters.”

True Velocity’s proprietary 6.8mm composite-cased ammunition presented to the U.S. Army boasts significant advantages over brass ammunition including a 30 percent weight reduction, improved accuracy, optimized muzzle velocity and increased ballistic efficiency. True Velocity’s manufacturing processes and infrastructure are also being reviewed by the U.S. Army, as the company’s technology and designs could drastically increase efficiency through automation and a substantial reduction in manufacturing footprint. A True Velocity production cell that occupies just 2,640 square feet can produce as many as 27 million rounds per year.

“We look forward to continuing the review process alongside the U.S. Army and exceeding their expectations in every way possible,” said Kevin Boscamp, CEO of True Velocity. “True Velocity rounds will not only give warfighters a significant advantage in the field, but we believe our products and processes will save institutions such as the Department of Defense millions of dollars in logistics costs. We are eagerly anticipating their decision.”

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6 Responses to “True Velocity Completes On-Time Shipment of Over 625K Rounds of Composite-Cased Ammo to US Army”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    I want to say one word to you. Just one word: Proprietary. There’s a great future in Proprietary. Just think about it. Will you think about it?

  2. Seamus says:

    I hope that whatever ammo is chosen does not get locked up by a single company and then bifurcate the ammo market between civilian and military. This bifurcation already exists in the laser market, full auto and radio market. In a few decades the Second Amendment will be essentially meaningless as civilians will be stuck with antiquated legacy technology but military and law enforcement will be the only ones able to procure the most modern ammo, radios, lasers, unmanned vehicles or other future tech.

    • SSD says:

      Each of the ammunition types is specific to the weapon it is teamed with.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Or alternatively, the civilian market technology might leapfrog the military stuff.

      This has happened repeatedly. Think of all the decades it took to drag the military, kicking and screaming, into rifled barrels, repeaters, semi-automatics, replaceable magazines, machine guns (!), modern materials, optics, lasers, Aimpoints, front-slings, chest rigs, zillions of incremental refinements of small arms and equipment, modern training methods, and even keeping the the trigger finger outside the trigger guard. All originating from the civilian side.

      Of course, this all depended upon exercise of a real and vital Second Amendment…

      • SSD says:

        This particular ammunition technology was developed before the Army envisioned the NGSW program. The issue at hand is that the ammunition industry is based on brass case designs. TV’s technology disrupts the industry by introducing automated mini ammunition plants. They are pioneers, a bit ahead of their time.

  3. @AbnMedOps – you are spot on. As @SSD pointed out, TV is a good example of how the market is the epicenter of innovation: “This particular ammunition technology was developed before the Army envisioned the NGSW program.” SpaceX is another high profile example of the market driving innovation.