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Ballistipax – Survivor-1 Body Armor

The Ballistipax® Survivor-1™ is a patented quick-deploy, concealed body armor system hidden securely within a rugged yet comfortable shoulder pack. When deployed, front and rear NIJ-rated ballistic panels protect the user’s front and back while providing easy access to firearms, magazines, edged weapons, medical gear, and more. Three levels of ballistic armor plates are available with the Survivor-1: Flex Pistol Armor IIIA, Rigid Pistol Armor IIIA (PE), and Rifle Armor III+.

Survivor-1 features a full front MOLLE panel and optional quick-detach IFAK pouches allowing users to configure their armor system for any mission. Within seconds, the patented Quickdraw™ deployment action allows the user to pull the plate carrier handle over the head and down over the torso to protect vital organs.

Elastic Waist Retention Bands (WRB) fasten behind the back and secure the plate carrier to the body.

2 Responses to “Ballistipax – Survivor-1 Body Armor”

  1. We just got our demo in from these great guys and I am more than impressed with the quality and design. Well done indeed. We teamed up with Balistipax and added our R2S to their system and it is a game-changer for sure. We will be doing a full review upon my return CONUS in May.

  2. JD says:

    Looks like a slightly different wraith tactical CARR pack.