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Meprolight Launches Its Unique MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight, Featuring Multi-Pattern Reticle for Optimal Tactical Advantage for Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Agencies

The first-ever MIL-SPEC red dot sight with multi-pattern reticle enables the user to switch between aiming patterns quickly and easily for all tactical scenarios and in all-weather/light conditions

16 February 2021 Israel. Meprolight – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, and self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement and civilian applications – is launching the MEPRO O2 sight (MIL-SPEC), offering a breakthrough and significant tactical advantage using , a 5 segment reticle which allows to pre-set numerous aiming patterns, to all tactical scenarios and different ammunition (for example, quick transition between reticles when moving from 300 blackout subsonic to supersonic ammunition).

Users in the defense, law enforcement and HLS sectors benefit from advanced features such as small dimensions, light weight (approx. 280g), and a built-in light sensor and automatic brightness control system that enables clear visibility of the red dot in any lighting conditions – a significant advantage for accurate firing.

The MEPRO O2 sight also includes non-reflective optics without light signature toward the target, for enhanced force protection; a combination of an integral motion sensor and configurable sleep time of 4-8 hours, saving power for extended operation; a new, improved, rugged MIL-SPEC mounting design and a protected three-button control keypad.

“The MEPRO O2 sight is an innovative addition to Meprolight’s ever-growing range of small-arms aiming solutions,” says Benny Kokia, VP Sales & Marketing – at Meprolight. “For the first time, the user can now choose an optimal reticle from four pre-set aiming patterns. Our goal in developing this new sight was to provide armed forces with a significant tactical advantage, through capabilities that deliver mission flexibility and target precision, along with extended operation time”

“Our advanced technologies serve customers across the defense, law enforcement and HLS markets,” says Ronen Hamudot, Corporate VP Marketing & Sales at the SK Group. “We are proud of our ability to apply our solutions to their evolving needs, consistent with our vision of always staying ahead, and providing customers with the exact solution they need to meet new challenges that arise.”

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8 Responses to “Meprolight Launches Its Unique MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight, Featuring Multi-Pattern Reticle for Optimal Tactical Advantage for Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Agencies”

  1. Pro Patria says:

    I seem to have not been paying attention to Israel, what rifle is that?

  2. Stickman says:

    I think one of the main things Meprolight misses is that without items like this being available in the US civilian market, it is quickly forgotten about.

    • tafeln says:

      What product of Meprolight are you talking about? All their sights are available threw their own US distribution since ever. I wanted to give this HUD Display Meprolight some try some time ago, and it was available for like 500USD at any store you can imagine.

      • ejb3dan says:

        After going to their website, i was interested in their Night Vision products but was unable to see any US suppliers of that particular product line, much less reviews or even prices. i have reached out to them and hope to hear back about MSRP and availability here in the US.

      • Stickman says:

        Thanks for clarifying. What I should have said was that they need to get them into the mainstream market with civilians. Mepro had a chunk of the market at one point based on their pistol sights, but they have lost most of that.

        I can’t can’t recall seeing any of their optics on any cops rifles, and I’ve run through thousands of LE students. I don’t recall any civilians that I’ve seen in person using them either.

        Regarding Mepro being available in stores or online retailers, I’ve just not seen them.

        • wolf_walker says:

          They are around but not nearly like any of the other medium and larger players. I bought one of the old tru-dot RDS eotech-shaped one’s years ago, I’m an average plinker but it’s been fine for the money. Mepro are just.. Weird about marketing and stuff. There is a lot of potential there someone has not tapped. They don’t really seem to *need* to sell to us like everyone else does. They will, and do, but don’t put a crap ton of effort into it and they keep making new products that can’t be cheap to develop so there is money coming from somewhere. I assume the Israeli military. I think I paid $280 on sale for the RDS like six years ago and it was a bargain compared to what was out and the price at the time. It’s unusual for the US to not be the target market for a firearm accessory, but that seems to pretty well be the case with these guys.