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Tardigrade Tactical Launches Updated Web Shop

As a team, we are very proud to finally present our new web shop! This launch marks an entirely new way for us to do business, as we can now ship to international customers around the world and provide even better customer support with more product-focused content and an overview of our entire product portfolio.

Tardigrade Tactical will still expand and support our network of retailers and we are looking for retailers in the US that will help us to supply our equipment to American service members and end-users.

We have almost 10 years of experience working with retailers and we still see retailers as the core of our sales strategy.

All of our products are manufactured in Denmark and almost all materials are sourced in the US.

We hope that you will enjoy our new site and consider our products as a part of your setup!

Founder and owner,
Birk Anton Knudsen
Tardigrade Tactical

equipping professionals since 2011

Webshop: www.tardigradetactical.com

Instagram: @tardigradetactical


6 Responses to “Tardigrade Tactical Launches Updated Web Shop”

  1. Lolssi says:

    Hard to like the webshop when it is still under construction 😛

  2. Lasse says:

    There is an error with the links; https://tardigradetactical.com/ works fine and directs to the new site, while the www version does not.

    • Birk says:

      Hi Lasse,

      we changed some settings with the DNS with our host but SSL certificates can take a few days to be approved. We are working on solving the problem – first of all figuring why this is happening now as it has never happened during our testing of the site.

      I guess all beginnings have issues. We hope that the site will be fully operational within a few days.

      Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot to us!


      Tardigrade Tactical

  3. Hi Lolssi, for some reason, some visitors reach an “under construction” site. Some browsers don’t redirect propperly or have old cookies. If you experience this, try going to http://www.tardigradetactical.dk and it should redirect you correctly.

    Thanks for feedback! We thought it was fixed, but we will look into it, again!

    Tardigrade Tactical

  4. Whokka says:

    Hard to justify the difference placed in UK be ret of the world!! Please justify. Just’ Brexit’ is not really an explanation .

    • Birk says:

      Hi Whokka,

      first of all, trust me, we are as frustrated as people from the UK is with this.

      Brexit and the new import laws that follows is THE reason. The UK government requires a lot of documentation and registrations that we do not have yet.

      It really out of our hands and not something we would do if we could do it the same way as with any other country.

      We are working with UK based retailers, so our products will still be available in the UK for small purchases. If you buy a belt and some pouches, you cross the minimum order value of 160EUR (for now feb. 2021) and we can ship it without any issues.

      Tardigrade Tactical

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