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Arrowhead Tactical Apparel

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel has developed a line of clothing intended for concealed carry of firearms.

Their designs incorporate a Patent-Pending Carrier Retention Waistband which supports holstered sidearms. It is used in conjunction with an internal retention belt that adjusts to secure an IWB holster (1.5″ or 1.75″ holster clips recommended).

The line includes:

Standoff Concealment Hoodie

Although this garment doesn’t support the weight of the firearm like the others, it’s a great layering piece to wear with them in order to help conceal. The hoodie features a Pass Through Pocket for Concealed Draw.

Carrier Sweatpants

The Carrier Sweatpants include ATA’s removable Carrier Rapid Clasp Retention Belt.

Carrier Joggers

In addition to the Carrier Rapid Clasp Retention Belt, the Joggers feature Zippered Rear Pockets (with internal magazine pouches) and Hip-Mounted Knife/Tool Pockets.

Carrier Shorts

The Carrier Shorts feature a Zippered rear pocket and deep hand pockets along with a Breathable mesh crotch gusset.

Each product is offered in several colors, sizes Small – 2XLarge.

3 Responses to “Arrowhead Tactical Apparel”

  1. mike says:

    I understand the textured look is to aid in concealment by creating a visual distraction, but I mostly dig that it looks like TNG-era uniforms for the Romulan Star Empire. I’ll be buying one for sure ?

  2. BS says:

    We had similar idea couple years back when we came up with SYMBO tactical joggers and hoodie