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11th AF Establishes Special Experience Identifier and Wear of “Arctic” Tab for Arctic Leader Qualified Airmen

In January, LT Gen David Krumm, the Commanding General of the 11th AF which is responsible for air operations in Alaska signed a memorandum creating the Arctic Leader Qualification program, awarding a Special Experience Identifier (3LA) and award of the Arctic tab for those qualified.

The 11th AF is responsible for 79% of DoD Arctic operations and the program is intended to support the 2019 DoD Arctic Strategy. The baseline training is conducted at Alaskan Command’s Arctic Defense Security Orientation. This three-day course covers Arctic history, Alaska Native history, threats from adversaries and provides an extensive big picture overview. After additional experience, the Arctic Leader SEI and tab may be awarded.

In addition to ADSO, Airmen must complete one of the following:

1 Year on station operating in cold weather environment

Fulfill leadership role in exercise Arctic Edge. Arctic Eagle, Navy ICEX, or similar

Deploy in support of contingency op north of 60deg N parallel

USAF Arctic Survival Training

USARAK Northern Warfare Training Center Cold Weather Leader/Orientation Course

USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center Cold Weather Leaders Course

Naval Special Warfare Training – Kodiak

Previously awarded the USAF Arctic “A” Device, Navy Arctic Service Ribbon, USCG Arctic Service Medal, or Antarctic Service Medal

Image by A1C Emily Farnsworth.

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