SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Platatac – PAFA MK3 Medic Pack

The all new PAFA MK3 Medic Pack has been designed with SOF Medics to create a primary aid kit that is fully configurable, with a comprehensive array of removable internal and external pouches that can be arranged to suit the user’s needs.

The PAFA MK3 Medic Pack is available in two kits, both with an array of pouches and accessories.

The Standard kit includes a Velcro in hydro/splint/long item pouch, Velcro in IV Organiser Pouch with elastic retainers for bungs, cannulas and giving set, also included are two Velcro backed medium and two large rectangle zippered organisation pouches with vinyl windows and colour coded removable tabs for easy recognition of organisation pouches and a small mesh topped pouch.

The Advanced kit includes all the above items from the Standard kit plus a pair of MOLLE zippered accessories pouches, Tac Evac PAFA soft litter and modular equipment insert with elastic shock cord to hold various items.

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