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Beez Combat Systems – CD Pack Buckles

The CD PACK, or can’t decide pack, offers the wearer the choice between a field repair / replaceable buckle setup or a field repair / replaceable G hook setup. The CD PACK offered by Beez Combat Systems is especially useful if the wearer wants to swap between a buckle or G Hook mounting system.

The two field repair / replaceable G hooks allow the wearer the ability to interchange their setups utilizing plate carriers or placards with a non adjustable webbing system.

The Beez Combat Systems CD PACK was designed to work with placards and chest rigs with fixed loop buckle attachment systems. The CD PACK is available in both black and tan color options and is available as a set.

Available at www.beezcombatsystems.com.

One Response to “Beez Combat Systems – CD Pack Buckles”

  1. Nice, I was looking into making some repair style G-hooks from scratch with just the middle bar slotted. Looks like stamping out a cut on the standard AB brand G-hooks?