Sneak Peek – Nemesis Plate Carrier from A7 Defense & Aerospace

Sneak peek at the new A7 “NEMESIS’ plate carrier with fire resistant HEXGUARD and what they promose are “a few more next level innovations.”

3 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Nemesis Plate Carrier from A7 Defense & Aerospace”

  1. Auronios says:

    A7, the brand that always does something, but never release it to buy. Ther helmet liner system never was released, same as their fogging protection that claimed to nevvvvvvver fog again. Well, where is all this? And why do they never reply to emails, asking where to buy these products?

    • mike says:

      Maybe one or all of these items were purchased by a single customer large or important enough to preclude other buyers, maybe even by contract.

      Just because you personally can’t buy something doesn’t mean it can’t be had.

      • greg says:

        That’s the exact point he was making, and it’s a completely valid one, why then publicize a product they’re unable to or don’t want to make available to the general populace? It’s a form of weird elitism that a bunch of the ‘infinity tier’ tactical nylon companies like to engage in and frankly it’s lame and derivative and downright snobby in the most hackneyed and cringey way – take your shadow ops only gear and stow deep in your personal ‘black bag’.