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US Army Releases Information Paper on Multi-Domain Transformation

WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Army released “Army Multi-Domain Transformation: Ready to Win in Competition and Conflict,” a paper on how and why the Army plans to transform itself to become a multi-domain capable force that is able to dominate adversaries in sustained large-scale combat operations by 2035.

“The Army is boldly transforming to provide the Joint Force with the speed, range and convergence of cutting-edge technologies that will be needed to provide future decision dominance and overmatch for great power competition,” said Gen. James McConville, Chief of Staff of the Army.

The U.S. Army currently faces an inflection point that requires innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the application of combat power as our nation’s adversaries continue to gain on the Joint Force’s qualitative and quantitative advantages.

By 2035, the Army will enable the Joint Force to maneuver and prevail with a calibrated force posture of multi-domain capabilities that provide overmatch through speed and range at the point of need.

To deter future aggression, the Joint Force must have an irrefutable, demonstrated ability to fight and win. The Army’s MDO concept will provide Joint Force commanders and national policymakers additional credible options in case of a globally integrated, rapidly developing crisis, while simultaneously assuring our allies and partners.

To read the unclassified version of the Army Multi-Domain Transformation, click here.

By U.S. Army Public Affairs

3 Responses to “US Army Releases Information Paper on Multi-Domain Transformation”

  1. SGT Rock says:

    Read through it twice, seems buzzword compliant. Vision supports the high priority acquisition programs.

  2. greg says:

    They always think they’re capable of radically innovative thinking in ++10 year time frames, they claim to be open to dramatically realigning their doctrinal framework but ultimately time and again their inch deep managerial mindsets always snapback and they go back to their safe place in the warm end of the kiddie pool.

  3. Papa6 says:

    2035 might be too late . . .

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